Privacy Notice – Data Protection Legislation

Information about students at St Benedict’s Catholic College

St Benedict’s Catholic College are a data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Legislation. 

We collect and hold personal information relating to our students and may also receive information about them from their previous school, local authority and/or the Department for Education (DfE). We use this personal data to:

This information will include students contact details, national curriculum assessment results, attendance information, any exclusion information, where they go after they leave us and personal characteristics such as their ethnic group, any special educational needs they may have as well as relevant medical information. For students enrolling for post 14 qualifications, the Learning Records Service will give us the unique learner number (ULN) and may also give us details about your learning or qualifications.

Once our students reach the age of 13, the law requires us to pass on certain information to the provider of Youth Support Services in our area who have responsibilities in relation to the education or training of 13-19 year olds.

We may also share certain personal data relating to students aged 16 and over with post-16 education and training providers in order to secure appropriate services for them.

A parent/guardian can request that only their child’s name, address and date of birth be passed such providers by informing Mrs J Barnes at the College. This right is transferred to the student once he/she reaches the age 16. For more information about services for young people, please go to

We will not give information about our students to anyone without consent unless the law and our policies allow us to do so. If you want to receive a copy of the information that we hold, please contact Mr C Brown, at the College

We are required, by law, to pass certain information about our students to our local authority (LA) and the Department for Education (DfE).

DfE may also share student level personal data that we supply to them, with third parties. This will only take place where legislation allows it to do so and it is in compliance with the Data Protection Legislation.

Decisions on whether DfE releases this personal data to third parties are subject to a robust approval process and are based on a detailed assessment of who is requesting the data, the purpose for which it is required, the level and sensitivity of data requested and the arrangements in place to store and handle the data. To be granted access to student level data, requestors must comply with strict terms and conditions covering the confidentiality and handling of data, security arrangements and retention and use of the data.

For more information on how this sharing process works, please visit:


For information on which third party organisations (and for which project) student level data has been provided to, please visit:

If you need more information about how our local authority and/or DfE collect and use your information, please visit:


Information about the school workforce: those employed to teach, or otherwise engaged to work at St Benedict’s Catholic College


We process personal data relating to those we employ to work at, or otherwise engage to work at our college. This is for employment purposes to assist in the running of the college and/or to enable individuals to be paid. The collection of this information will benefit both national and local users by:

This personal data includes identifiers such as names and National Insurance numbers and characteristics such as ethnic group, employment contracts and remuneration details, qualifications and absence information.

We will not share information with third parties without consent unless the law allows us to. We are required, by law, to pass on some of this personal data to:

If you require more information about how the local authority and/or DfE store and use personal data please visit:

If you want to see a copy of information about you that we hold, please contact Mr C Brown